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H.Hesse. steppenwolf


J.Joyce. Ulysses


V. Woolf. To the Lighthouse 


M. Proust. In Search of Lost Time


T. Mann. Magic Mountain


J. Steinbeck. East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men


B.Pasternak. Dr Shivago


I. Murdoch. The Sea, the Sea 


A. Munro. Lives of Girls and Women


D.Lessing. The Golden Notebook


M.Atwood. The Handmaid's Tale


UK Legin. The Left Hand of Darkness


V. Nabokov. lolita


H. Laxness. salka valka


I. McEwan. Atonement


G. Orwell. 1984, Animal Farm


R. Pirsig. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

K. Ishiguro. An Artist of the Floating World 


JRR Tolkien. The Fellowship of the Ring 


OS Card. Ender's Saga 


S.King. The Stand 


M. Kundera. The Unbearable Lightness of Being 


C. McCarthy. The Road 


W. Faulkner. The Sound and the Fury 


J. Heller. Catch-22 


G. Garcia Marquez. One Hundred Years of Solitude 


J. Rulfo. Pedro Páramo 


J. Vargas Llosa. The war at the end of the world 


O. Peace. Sor Juana or the traps of faith 


R. Chacel. Neighborhood of wonders 


J. Marias. Heart so white 


D.Mitchell. The Bone Clocks 


H. Murakami. IQ84 


H. Yanagihara. A Little Life 


J. Austen. Sense and Sensitivity


Homer. The Iliad, The Odyssey 

E. Bronte. Wuthering Heights


M. Bulgakov. The Master and Margarita


F. Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment, Notes from Underground, The Brothers Karamazov, The Devils, The Idiot


W. Golding. Lord of the Flies


E. Hemingway. The Old Man and the Sea


A. Huxley. Brave New World


K. Kesey. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


H. Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird


L. Tolstoy. Anna Karenina, War and Peace


H. S. Thompson. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 


C. Portis. True Grit


SE Hinton. The Outsiders


E. Cline. Ready Player One


C. Dickens. Great Expectations


M de Cervantes. don quixote


A. Ginsburg. howl


A. Huxley. Doors of Perception


Hesiod. Theogony


Aeschylus. The Persians, Prometheus Bound


Sophocles. Antigone, Oedipus Rex


Dish. dialogues


Euripides. Medea


Aristophanes. The Clouds


Virgil. Aeneid 


Ovid. Metamorphoses


J. Swift. Gulliver's Troubles


D. Defoe. robinson crusoe


J. Bunyan. Pilgrim's Progress


Dante. The Divine Comedy


W. Shakespeare. Hamlet, The Tempest,


J. Milton. Areopagitica, Paradise Lost


W.Blake. Songs of Innocence, Marriage of Heaven and Hell


F. Holderlin. Hyperion


J. Keats. poems


H. Melville. Moby Dick


H de Balzac. La Comédie Humaine 


W.Whitman. Leaves of Grass


A. Rimbaud. illuminations


M.Twain. Huckleberry Finn


J.Joyce. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses


O.Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest


A. Chekhov. The Seagull


DH Lawrence. sons and lovers


A. Camus. The Stranger, The Myth of Sisyphus


S. Beckett. Waiting for Godot


F. Kafka. The Trial, Metamorphosis


T. S. Eliot. The Wasteland


RM Rilke. Duino Elegies


W. Yeats. The Tower


JL Borges. fictions


C. Castaneda. The Teachings of Don Juan

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