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Consciousness for efficiency

Integral services



We teach you to found a company from the formality with a strategic and comprehensive vision.

We help you to:

  1. Establish foundational protocols: FOUNDATIONAL MAP

    1. Rights and responsibilities of partners Protocols of strategic alignment and

      decision making

    2. Operational format of the Transitional Council

  2. Define and formalize strategic objectives and alignment of the value-generating model: STRATEGIC MAP

  3. Define an organic and non-linear model of planning, operation, validation and evaluation that allows the alignment of strategic objectives over time and their sustainability: OPERATIONAL FUNCTIONAL MAP

  4. Optimize the current operating functional system and define an organizational efficiency model from which HR operate under conditions of INTEGRATION that allow it to respond to the potential growth of its market: LET'S GO HAND IN YOUR HAND IN YOUR FIRST FORMAL PLANNING AND EVALUATION EXERCISE


We provide you with the foundational maps that your company requires to start its journey towards efficiency

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