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Seminar Conscious Parents, Conscious Children

Learning to be parents in consciousness, so that our children can be who they are, themselves, in the total personalization of their possibility as human beings.


Childhood is the stage of life in which we need to be recognized in unconditional acceptance by our parents. 


This is the experience that will make our children healthy and open to life.


Being parents is an act that requires our highest consciousness as human beings. It is the most sacred bond and the one which potentially gives us the greatest possibility of knowing what love is in fullness and meaning. We are convinced that the salvation of our world is in our hands, every time parents in consciousness lead children to discover themselves and Life.


We invite you to carry out an exercise of reflection that allows you to understand, evaluate and identify your experience as a parent and to review it from the optic of consciousness.


Paternity is not a script that must be fulfilled intergenerationally, where each generation brings to the new one everything it did not solve.


Two sessions of 3 hrs. each

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