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Individual Sessions for children and adolescents (ages 3-19)

We are focused on supporting the development process of consciousness during childhood, strengthening the child's evolving self. Multidisciplinary research (philosophy, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, theory of knowledge, among others) to integrate a model of consciousness in the child is the fundamental objective of this project. Our methodology seeks for every child with whom we work to be capable of experiencing and learning to relate to the world free of the epistemological distortions that the world "teaches" and reinforces. Sow, in a playful way, the seed of consciousness, critical thinking, and processes of nonlinear learning, in children who tomorrow will be in charge of preserving life.



Likewise, it is our project of research and integration, a model of consciousness in adolescents. Adolescence is the moment in which the script that operates as the identity in each of us is defined. The creative and formative energy of adolescence must be preserved, the evolving being of our adolescents must be cared for and nurtured, helping them to name themselves from the personalization of their experiences.


Teach our children and adolescents to live in truth, with a greater capacity for thought and self-awareness. Conscious children and adolescents are the hope of preservation and healing for our world.

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