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Our team


founder of Arkesoul (2010), in all the creative spaces of my life, teaching and honoring the possibility of learning has been my choice and purpose. In the different areas of my professional history, as a consultant at ArkéNetwork and Tooriginal Solutions (2016 National Technology Award) and as an academic (ITAM, CIDE), I have always been guided by the certainty that without teaching others to experience the wonder that is learning, no creative act is possible, and all forms of rethinking the world and who we are cease. From my training in Economics and Public Policy (ITAM), the multidimensionality and complexity present in every exercise of my professional life when trying to respond to the questions of value generation, collective transformation, definition of systems that align human behavior towards cooperation, and the definition of strategic routes that integrate efficiency and ethics, confirmed to me that we had to learn to create new forms of thought. That without choosing to assume that complexity and not approaching it from a partial, fragmented, or pragmatic vision, any answer ends up being inefficient, inoperative, and most importantly useless in its transformative capacity.

My encounter with nonlinear and integral thinking and the sciences of complexity forced me to make a first epistemic revolution that completely dismantled the structures from which I conceived the world, its relationships, and the human. I learned that the only way for individual or collective transformation to occur is if we remove the lenses that prevent us from seeing reality as it is, multidimensional, complex, evolutionary, and spectral. From there, I began the journey that would lead me to found Arkesoul and create a consciousness model in which every life counts in the purpose of creating the great mantle of the human, where there are no boundaries marked by approaches to work on the person/interior/relationships or those that bet on helping us in our creative or professional life.


came bringing his training in Philosophy and Psychology (Fordham University) and his work in academia (Universidad Iberoamericana). Arkesoul has a vocation for the other, the different, the one that does not operate from hierarchy and meritocracy, and that was the element that ended up being an impassable invitation for Fernando when choosing to be part of this project, finding a space, his home, where the pursuit of knowledge would be a creative and meaningful act in itself. In his role as mentor to a next generation of team members, he has witnessed his love for knowledge as it allows us to be with others in the possibility of transformation. Our youngest and most senior member, as part of Arkesoul since 2019, has been an inspiration and hope for the project. With him, I was finally certain that our model would be an open and evolving school of thought. Fernando is our trainer of analytical minds that create integral thought, in every process we carry out, his ability to guide others allows for the constant evolution of our model and the way in which it can be taught.


found Arkesoul while searching for herself, and in an exercise of impeccability, she chose it as her life project in 2021. Her background in social sciences (International Relations, ITAM) and her professional development in multicultural environments were clear assets that led us to invite her to be part of our team. However, it is in her vocation towards humanity where Jenny is a life teacher for all those who have worked with her from our model. In Arkesoul's commitment to be a vehicle for learning to live in consciousness as a way of healing the alienation that is experienced as loneliness without response, Jenny has chosen to teach us the ways in which encounters and connections can be experienced with consciousness and ethics. As a woman, knowing that Jenny is part of Arkesoul being a face of the feminine that sustains and preserves, allows me to rest in the vision that the ethos of our model, which is above all else that of humanity, will be cared for and nurtured.


has collaborated with Arkesoul for one year (2022) and has been a promoter of strengthening our community through his vocation for efficiency as a means to give meaning and purpose to our lives and create responses where value creation is defined from a perspective of sustainability and ethics. His background as an economist (ITAM) and extensive experience in defining and developing businesses aligns perfectly with Arkesoul's vision, which, from its appreciation of the small, aims to lead entrepreneurs, companies, and collectives to a review of the functionality of markets and organizations from the perspective of our model and methodology as complex and evolving systems. With Arturo, Arkesoul's vision that consciousness is seen in our lives, that being aware is done by living, is a daily exercise that makes him a mentor of visions and dreams, always with certain and responsible instrumentalism.


also joined Arkesoul a year ago (2022), and his choice corresponds to a coincidence and synchrony of his quests and desires with our project. For him, Arkesoul's calling for the formation of responsible and ethical thinking in social terms was the gateway. In every process we undertake, creating a consciousness that allows us to assume our lives in social co-responsibility and forming a social ethics that promotes a vision of equity and justice is an unavoidable dimension in our vision of humanity. Armando is an economist (ITAM), and his professional life makes him a profound connoisseur of the dynamics of global postmodern markets. In all personal and collective processes he carries out, he brings Arkesoul's passion for opening up spaces in others' souls where our instinctive self integrated into our conscious being can be a way to express who we are and how we have chosen to live. He believes that justice and social co-responsibility are only possible in a joyful commitment that honors life, his life, and that of others, in the certainty of what is truly valuable.

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