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Our history

The story of Arkesoul does not begin with its foundation in 2010; it is the story of a process that evolved over many years through my own explorations, my search for the answers we all want for our lives. Who am I? What meaning does life have beyond the events that happen in our everyday lives as if they were fate? Is it possible to live life to the fullest? How can we find a truly creative space and connect with others? How can we be the parent we always wanted to be but now in reality, it doesn't seem possible? Is my partner a living choice or just a continuation of a space of arrangements and history?


The ephemeral nature of life and the expectations we impose on ourselves through the internalization of social protocols in which we are immersed weigh heavily on us, but we continue to live according to them without being able to question them for fear of disrupting the life we believe is the only one possible for us. Today, after 13 years of having conversations with so many human beings who have confided in us their stories, I know that my searches are the searches of everyone. The constant longing for something we cannot name. The search for a life of possibility and fullness.


I am Carmen Mariscal, founder of Arkesoul (2010), and in all the creative spaces of my life, teaching and honoring the possibility of learning has been my choice and purpose. In the different areas of my professional history, as a consultant at ArkéNetwork and Tooriginal Solutions (2016 National Technology Award) and as an academic (ITAM, CIDE), I have always been guided by the certainty that without teaching others to experience the wonder of learning, no creative act is possible, and all forms of rethinking the world and who we are cease. From my training in Economics and Public Policy (ITAM), the multidimensionality and complexity present in every exercise of my professional life in trying to respond to questions of value generation, collective transformation, the definition of systems that align human behavior towards cooperation, and the definition of strategic routes that integrate efficiency and ethics, confirmed to me that we had to learn to create new forms of thought. Without choosing to assume that complexity and not approaching it from a partial, fragmented, or pragmatic vision, every response ends up being inefficient, inoperative, and, most importantly, useless in its capacity for transformation.


In these 13 years, Arkesoul, from its model of consciousness, the Epistemology of Integration, has been a vehicle for many, where each of them found their own spaces to initiate a different conversation with themselves, with their lives, with their projects, and with their relationships.


Arkesoul, the House of Knowledge, is a school of thought that teaches us to make conscious the epistemological distortions from which we live and with which we respond to our lives.


The story of Arkesoul is also that of a community in formation, human nodes that learn to live in participatory spaces in creation and encounter. This vocation towards the formation of significant links has also allowed for the integration of the human team that we are today. Each of those who currently make up Arkesoul has gone through rigorous training in integral thinking and our model of consciousness. First, they were aspirants to become members of Arkesoul, so that after completing this internal academic process, they could endorse their status as active members in the different spaces where Arkesoul works. It is in this sense that Arkesoul is, in itself, also towards its collaborating members, first a school that makes them part of an academic faculty focused on the creation of knowledge.

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