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How can we help you to be a more efficient and ethical collective?

Consciousness for Efficiency Arkesoul works on the foundation and evolution of collectives. Our model and methodology teaches organizations to generate value in the same way that all systems in reality do, through cooperation and learning.

We work on formalizing your company by making it a system defined by its strategic objectives, and by making it an organic and non-linear functional operating model.

We can work with you via the following services:

Methodological Intervention. Arkesoul developed a mentoring methodology and uses it to teach groups to create value through an integral and non-linear vision, wherein learning is the driver of creation and functionality. Methodological interventions collaborate with groups of up to 10 people in sessions wherein the working group receives and internalizes knowledge through specific tasks, which allows the working group to create building blocks to define their strategic objectives and the operational functional model from which these can be achieved, teaching their human resources to work cooperatively and through the generation of knowledge capital.

Integral Consultation. We give you the foundational maps that your company requires to start its journey towards efficiency. These maps complement the mentoring work carried out in the Methodological Intervention.

Conscious Collectives. This work focuses on the evolution of your human resources, through personal or team sessions, our consciousness model is taught so that groups focus their generation of value on the person. Encounter in creation. The integration of cooperative work requires a transformation in the collective's belief system.

Consciousness for Efficiency is aimed especially at collectives in their formative stages or for collectives that emerged from an effort focused on an idea, betting on potentially very profitable projects, but without a strategic and structural formality that aligns them and teaches them to evolve through continuous learning. At Arkesoul we honor the small and we believe that it is in this type of organization where our methodology can generate an impact of evolution of a structural nature. We have particularly accompanied many family businesses on their journey towards efficiency. Family businesses are organizations wherein it is essential to work via models and methodologies based on integral thinking, which focus on the efficiency of their strategic and operational models and the bonds that make up the family's system, it is necessary to know the functionality of all the systems present in this type of organization. Families whose bonds have to align in order to honor encounter in creation.

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