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Programs and Seminars

The Nonlinear Thought Program is taught annually and introduces participants to integral thought.


We cannot respond to a revolution of paradigms (institutional, market, cultural, etc.) if we continue to be tied to traditional forms of learning. This program aims to formalize a knowledge model from which to personally or collectively initiate an epistemological revolution that names the world and its relationships more efficiently, ethically, and inclusively.



Periodically we conduct seminars that allow the initiation or deepening (for those who already follow a personal process) of Arkesoul's model of consciousness. These seminars are conversations about the fundamental topics that name account for the human being in a relationship with a multidimensional reality. Living in consciousness, defining conscious bonds, being through conscious choices, learning that we are a possibility open to learning, defining projects based on efficiency, are some of the constant reflections in our seminars that have allowed us to form communities of multidisciplinary learning and creation.

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